Robin and Zoro has actually another relationship and have arguably this new very in keeping of all of the Straw Limits

Robin and Zoro has actually another relationship and have arguably this new very in keeping of all of the Straw Limits

Robin as well as is apparently most devoted to Luffy, as he is the simply person who she would like to get more powerful getting. This indicates exactly how higher their commitment to this lady captain might adopting the Enies Lobby Arc. Abreast of studying away from Ace’s death, Robin was most amazed and you may turned into¬†greatly concerned with Luffy’s well-being.¬†Including Zoro, she uses Luffy’s conclusion regardless of the effects, for example as he made a decision to means an enthusiastic alliance that have Rules to adopt Emperor Kaidou. One more reason on her high respect so you can Luffy is the fact he is the really person that helped Robin pick the girl often so you can alive. Surprisingly adequate, Robin has begun a habit out-of discussing anybody from the brands Luffy phone calls her or him by the, even if she certainly understands its correct names.

Following timeskip, Robin try amazed by the Luffy’s fuel immediately after viewing him beat this–larry-fitzgerald-arizona-cardinals.jpg” alt=”sugar baby California”> new Kraken and you will enjoying your play with Haoshoku Haki

For the Dressrosa Arch, she hampered model troops of chasing Luffy, when he would definitely deal with Doflamingo. When she confronted Gladius, she extremely expressed this lady devotion so you can Luffy, saying that he had been value passing away to own while the he’s constantly the fresh new trump cards one introduced profit. Even if Nekomamushi informed this lady that numerous good anybody do is to help you kidnap their so you’re able to investigate poneglyphs, Robin appeared unconcerned and you may seems convinced sufficient in her own captain’s possibilities.

Roronoa Zoro

Zoro try the one who kept out the longest with the thinking Robin, and bluntly told her he didn’t after they were made to help you form teams when you look at the Southern Bird Hunt. In addition, when you are she utilized some procedures attain new faith of the most other Straw Limits (save yourself for Sanji, who quickly leading their given that she is actually a gorgeous girl), she never tried to trick him towards recognizing the girl. She in addition to handled your in different ways than just she did the other Straw Hats, treating him once the this lady equal and also impression comfortable adequate to reveal a bit of info about their strange previous so you’re able to your.

Following Arabasta Arc, when Robin got inserted the crew, notwithstanding him first being cautious with their, Zoro afterwards indicates that he cares for her too, as he was prepared to endeavor for her when the woman is in peril, instance catching the lady when she are assaulted by Enel and you can furiously assaulting your having harming the woman, being the first to ever cut-off Aokiji’s assault as he endangered the woman. Also, not merely performed he challenge to keep her out of Enies Reception including the rest of her family unit members, he was the one who won a correct secret you to definitely unlocked the lady seastone handcuffs. He as well as runs to help you the girl help alongside Sanji when this woman is harassed by an invisible Absalom.

Robin herself try ready to protect your out of whichever issues he could be for the, eg getting him along with her Examine Online immediately after he was banged quite high towards the heavens from the Oars, frantically looking to rescue him off bringing killed by the Kizaru, and you will ending your out-of getting murdered by liquid tension when the guy planned to hop out the brand new motorboat on the road on Seafood-Guy Island. In reality, she seems to care a great deal on their really-becoming as revealed in the Thriller Bark Arc. She got desired to learn so badly on what took place anywhere between Zoro and you will Kuma one she spends the woman vitality to help you eavesdrop on Sanji’s conversation to your Risky Brothers into the extremely amount, and you will eg Sanji decides to hold the details a secret from Luffy. Into the people, Robin is among the Straw Caps (the others being Nami and you may Helicopter) exactly who watches over Zoro, placing comments to your just how emotional Bink’s Purpose were to this lady.

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