Features its an effective front side plus keeps its naughty side

Features its an effective front side plus keeps its naughty side

AC: English speaking MAARTE *****Parece. People people. most people are unsightly and just a number of are pretty and you can average. It might not feel entitled air cooling subsequently as there may not be college or university inside presumption any longer once the not all someone desires investigation around to have school. i am talking about come on, who would like to research around to have college?

AA: FUGLY Females. not all beautiful people. TIBO Invasion!(women French kissing from the restroom, sexting(gender into mobile phone), which have cyber gender with peers, and much more disgusting stuff :-&), they try their very best to merge toward most other POPU Universities however in facts, they are only provincial girls trying to chat into the english and you can become an integral part of the better area. These include university is really low-profile and you should never participate in contests for instance the sketchers moving issue and more.. It kick aside individuals who data indeed there which can be celebrities. It knocked out nina jose and you can maxene magalona. they think that the people create wreck the latest history of the fresh college. One word : kbye..

I am not keen on each one of these universities but you have to accept these types of universities are really some of the “best” from inside the Area Manila. I think anyone need to chat ill away from women from all of these colleges from sheer jealously. The believe is usually taken since the “conceit” when it is not.


I’m sure this thread is so old already, eleven decades i believe. but i simply need display my personal advice about this bond. Truthfully, these colleges shouldn’t be opposed since they are many different of both. Lemme display my personal feedback regarding the these universities.

Lets start by St Paul, St Paul men and women are societal climbers, rather, crappy ***, few wise someone, generally met with people,obsessed with soirees and are generally spoiled.

They feel they are gorgeous plus they are naughty camwhores

St scho try not to learn him or her anywhere near this much, they are losers. thats all.. and you can few sensuous anybody :-& as well as their uniform, my personal gosh, they appear such my personal YAYA!

POVEDA Ok You should never Get Me Become, this type of *****es are incredibly unpleasant. They think advanced simply because these include rich and their profession vacation come into various countries like Greece. They feel chill simply because they can speak language. These include obsessed with soirees, they aren’t extremely gorgeous, they simply don’t don clothes that will be suitable. And additionally they appear to be life-sized apples..

ICA Chinese, not that gorgeous, not too discussed, seeking tough to become social climbers,vain/feelers, rich, specific people provides scandals and they’ve got small boobies

MC TIBO Alert!(intercourse crisis), cheap ladies, constantly found in eastern wood that have lasallians or ateneans that are eager, don extremely provocative clothing(hoe handbags!), he or she is simply utilized by ateneans so they really don’t be thought to be a loser, they look such an upside-down forest.

AC: English-speaking MAARTE *****Parece. People girls. many people are ugly and just a few are pretty and you may mediocre. May possibly not be titled air cooling in the future since there may not be university inside presumption more since not all anyone wants to data around getting school. i mean come on, who would like to studies there to possess school?

AA: FUGLY Female. not absolutely all beautiful some body. TIBO Intrusion!(females French kissing regarding restroom, sexting(gender into the cellular phone), that have cyber intercourse that have co-worker, and much more disgusting content :-&), it is actually their best to help you merge toward most other POPU Schools in fact, they are merely provincial people looking to cam from inside the english and you can to-be part of the higher community. These are generally school is actually low profile and don’t interact tournaments for instance the sketchers dance situation and much more.. They kick away individuals who investigation there which might be a-listers. They knocked away nina jose and maxene magalona. they feel that people create wreck the reputation for brand new school. One word : kbye..

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