Bibliography Rishonim Eliezer ben Shmuel Halevi – Israel Abrahams, ed

Bibliography Rishonim Eliezer ben Shmuel Halevi – Israel Abrahams, ed

  • Get a hold of Genesis -27; ; , 55; 33:4; ; ; 50:1; Exodus 4:27; 18:7; I Samuel ; II Samuel ; Ruth step 1: nine, 14.
  • Getting talks of this Yerushalmi, select Tosafot to help you Sotah 19a, v. kohen maniah; Torah Temimah to help you Quantity 5:twenty-five, note 137; and Rabbi Henkin, Region I, p. 120.
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  • Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel away from Cracow (1578-1648), Responsa Penei Yehoshua, Part II, No. 49 = Ellinson, p. 66; Rabbi Shabetai Hakohen (Eastern European countries, 1622-1663), Shakh to help you Yoreh Deah 195, subparagraph 20 also to Yoreh Deah 157, subparagraph 10; Rabbi Hayyim Palache (Izmir, 1787-1868), Responsa Lev Hayyim, Region II, Zero. cuatro cited by Rabbi Medini, Sedei Hemed, 2496a-b (however, the guy themselves influenced very purely); Yonah Metzger, Zero. 52; and especially Rabbi Henkin, Region IV, No. 11 exactly who described all of these views.
  • Rabbi Yehonatan Eibeshitz, Ya’arot Devash (a collection of sermons out of 1779), quoted thoroughly of the Rabbi Medini, Sedei Hemed, 2495a-b; Rabbi Yosef Steinhardt, Responsa Zikhron Yosef, Zero. 17 cited in detail from safe casual dating the Beiur Halakhah (regarding the Mishneh Berurah) to Orah Hayyim 339 and from that point by the Ellinson, p. 54 and also by Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, pp. 37-38.
  • Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, p. 34, highlighted Responsa Ribash, Zero, 425. In reality, brand new Ribash ruled it is taboo to possess sexual affairs which have a single lady lest she feel an effective Niddah. This was definitely associated with his resistance so you can concubinage and therefore is actually widespread into the Spain within his day (discover Ellinson, Nissuin, 67). But a mindful training of this responsum shows that the new Ribash didn’t prohibit pressing one lady.
  • My through my good friend Dr. Arnon Atzmon who was kind adequate to speak about this subject which have me.
  • Therefore, I became saddened to read through you to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef would not shake the brand new give from Primary Minister Golda Meir when he is granted the fresh Israel Award facing a giant listeners, along with his guy Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef praised him for it – pick Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, p. 379, end of mention twenty five.

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